Cognitive Services

"Industry Shift - From Digital to Cognitive"

 The changing paradigm - over last two decades we have seen the advent, growth and persuasive nature of the internet which has impacted every aspect of the business. However, we now move on to an era where it is no longer just digitization but cognitive computing The cognitive era creates new value propositions for goods and services by imbuing them with “smartness”. AI at the core of the cognitive economy is maturing swiftly fueled by the pillars of an evolving ecosystem built by rapidly increasing computing power and exponentially increasing data.  

"Is Your Business Ready for the AI Imperative?"

 AI Enablement can be as simple as you want it to be.

A few top challenges faced by businesses today:

  1. Identification and quantification of AI potential for your business viz. topline, bottom-line
  2. Ascertaining how fast the AI landscape is changing for your industry
  3. Identifying the investments, return on investments thereof, for AI enablement and linking it to business benefits
  4. Up-scaling existing teams to be AI-ready
  5. Change management of organizational ecosystem for AI adoption

We can work with you on the following: 

Workshops – For executives, business leaders and other key stakeholders

Assessments – AI Readiness, Climate Assessments through our proven methodology 

Strategic Road Mapping – To define “TO BE” state in conjunction with cross functional teams – internal/external

Business Solutions - Through definition of key business use cases with AI enablement potential and  Return on Investment(ROI)

Technology Advisory – Identification and evaluation of AI tools and platforms

Skills Upgrade - Partnering organic and inorganic build up and up-skilling

Change Management – Providing interventions for sustainable AI culture

Some of the AI areas that we focus on:

AI Products for conversational commerce – chatbots, virtual assistants, EmotionAI amongst others

AI Process Automation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools

AI Insights and Predictive Intelligence focused on areas of HR and People Analytics, Sales and
Marketing, Retail and e-commerce, Banking and Insurance among others


"Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity"

 Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI will transform in the next several years,”  Andrew Ng.

  We are in the age of artificial intelligence and technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning which are all working off big data hosted on the cloud computing platforms. As each consumer of this digital world not only consumes the zeta bytes (and growing!!) of big data, but also generates data every minute; we are  increasingly looking at a huge amount of data and a set of applications which are making machines intelligent and the software they use to build that intelligence.

  As AI technologies leave the lab, proof of concept phases and move to the real world to become industry applications, businesses in BFSI, MFG, Retail etc. are increasingly looking to cross the AI chasm and make the data and digital software into a profitable venture.

    At Cogitari we help you understand how the business-technology-human alignment in the data and digital space can work for your particular requirement and helps you leverage the features of the new machine age to find the ideal and best solution.