Emotional Technology : Towards Building Emotional Machines


What is Emotional Technology and Emotion AI?

 Artificial emotional intelligence or Emotion AI   is an area of  emotion recognition or emotion detection technology which uses   non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions, gesture, body language and tone of voice,  to identify their emotions . Other emotional technology includes and is not just limited to detection but also emulation , inducing the right set of emotions, measurement of emotional response and other related research areas.

Applications of Emotional Technology

Emotional Technology is increasingly finding application across Finance, Retail, HR and Healthcare amongst others. EmotionAI solutions can be found in  Behavioral Finance , Market Research and Advertising,  Consumer Behavior and  Behavioral Targeting, Mental Health , Psychology Counselling and others.


Cogitari Research works in the niche area of emotions and machine channels for the specific industry segments namely Banking, Insurance, Retail, HealthCare and Transportation .

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