Human Resource Consulting in the Digital Era

Bringing the "Virtual" Teams Together




 Independent assessment of policies, practices and procedures in the organization that connote or signal to its employees what is important. A stated climate and actual climate, especially with virtually (dis)connected teams may differ.   


Driving campaigns to bring virtual teams together through sustained, effective and inclusive interventions. COGITARI(R) has a unique programme, CONVERGE,  to bring team and its members TOGETHER irrespective of the geographical distances


Building Org DNA

Organization is a mosaic of various DNAs. Understand building blocks of your org DNA - Decision Making, Information Proliferation, Structure and Motivators. We will help you build right DNA for your organization and evangelize it for you!

Developing Future-Ready Organizations




COGITARI(R)  specializes in   Organizational development (OD)  diagnostics dealing in the areas of culture, succession planning, and performance. With the help of proven set of diagnostic tools, an accurate assessment can be achieved for varied team size, individual vs. group setting etc. 


Situation Awareness

 We have experience and expertise to deal with a specific case or series of organizational situations  with due attention to intelligence, vigilance, attention, fatigue, stress, compatibility, and workload 



 We extend strategic consultation on interventions i.e. structured program designed to solve a problem, thus enabling your organization to achieve the goal. These interventions are designed to improve the organization's functioning and enable managers and leaders to better manage their team and organization cultures 

Driving Organizational Transformation through Change



Vision & Strategy

 We help organizations in painting a picture of what the future looks like after the change is implemented. Also, help organizational stakeholders to let go of the past and follow vision anchor into the future.



 We help develop organizational alignment enabling significant change that is expected to occur in a culture of personal accountability,  Goal setting and cohesion with strategic initiatives 



Impact Assessment

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the change, its impact and contribution to the business metrics in a comprehensive manner.



Identification of change anchors  and strengthening their contributions in the changed ecosystem. COGITARI(R) provides a framework for institutionalizing change and introduces cascade interventions to ensure healthy adoption.