Our Approach to Building Innovation

Innovation is a complex construct and overlaps with a few other prevalent concepts such as technology, creativity, and change. Research on innovation spans many fields of inquiry including business, economics, engineering, and  administration. Innovation is manifested t different levels such as individual, group, organization, industry, and economy.

Our experience with innovations in organizations have been multidimensional, multilevel, and context-dependent. It has touched understanding of external and internal conditions inducing innovation, how organizations manage innovation process, and in what ways innovation changes organizational conduct and outcome. Typical challenges organizations face include indiscreet application of findings from one discipline or context to another, lack of distinction between generating (creating) and adopting (using) innovations, and likening organizational innovation with technological innovation, hampering its advancement. 

Cogitari's distinguished program, CIPP(R) helps organizations catalyze Innovation movement within the organization. CIPP(R) stands for "Cogitari Innovation Pulse Program" . It provides comprehensive coverage around human, technology, organization and strategy levers of Innovation.

This time bound assessment and improvement milestone based program has created immense value for organizations across multiple industries.